Get Project Team User List

Get Project Team User List


Query String

startOptionalUser Input

Request Header

TokenKeyMandatoryUser Input
PageOptionalUser Input
PerPageOptionalUser Input


ContentList of Project Team User

Example of Response

TokenKey → Your-Key
    "ProjectTeamUserID": 121703,
    "ProjectTeamID": 12387,
    "Contact": {
      "PWContactID": 121575,
      "PublicPWAccountID": 12254,
      "PublicPWUserID": 12301,
      "FirstName": "Srabati",
      "MiddleName": "",
      "LastName": "Sarkar",
      "Email": "[email protected]",
      "ContactName": "Srabati Sarkar",
      "CompanyName": "ARC India Pvt. Ltd.",
      "IsPublicContact": true,
      "UserLicenseType": 3

RequestFor Enum

1 - AllInviteesAll Project Invitees
2 – AcceptedInviteesAll Accepted Invitees
3 – InviteesNotYetRejectedAll Un–rejected Invitees

UserLicenseType Enum

0 - ContactContact
1 – FreeUserFree User
2 – HostingUserEmployee
3 – CollaborativeUserShared User
4 – LiteUserLite User

ProjectTeamUser Entity

Property NameData Type
  1. For getting all records at a time do not add Page in request header.

  2. Use PerPage parameter to change maximum number of records per page during population of paginated data; by default, each page contains at most 10 records at a time.

  3. Response header parameter Accept–Ranges will not come with paginated data and other response header parameters will not come for all records population.

  4. If the paginated result is empty, then response header parameter Max–Page will be 0 (zero) and there will be no other page related response header parameter.

  5. For getting all team users from all project teams do not add teamId in query string.

  6. Add start in query string only for filtering project team user list by either FirstName or MiddleName or LastName of team user.